My work incorporates insights from psychology about perception and cognition into statistical models of human behavior, and explores how those behaviors shape—and are shaped by—features of the social environment. A few recent publications follow below.

A complete list can be found in my CV.

The Structure of Dating Markets

Bruch, Elizabeth and Mark Newman. 2018. “Aspirational Pursuit of Mates in Online Dating Markets.” Science Advances 4: eaap9815. pdf

Elizabeth, Fred Feinberg, and Kee Yeun Lee. 2016. “Extracting multistage screening rules from online dating activity data.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 113: 10530-10535. pdf

  • Media coverage in Science magazine

Decision Making and Choice Modeling

Bruch, Elizabeth and Fred Feinberg. 2017. “Decision Making in Social Environments.” Annual Review of Sociology 43: 207-227. pdf

Dellaert, Benedict, Joffre Swait, Vic Adamowiez, Theo Arentze, Elizabeth Bruch, Elisabetta Cherchi, Caspar Chorus, Bas Donkers, Fred Feinberg, Antony Marley, Land Linda Salisbury. 2017. “Individuals’ Decisions in the Presence of Multiple Goals.” Consumer Needs and Solutions 1:1-14. pdf

Residential Mobility and Neighborhood Change

Bruch, Elizabeth and Joffre Swait. 2019. “Choice Set Formation in Residential Mobility and Its Implications for Segregation Dynamics.” Demography Available Via OnlineFirst. pdf.

Bruch, Elizabeth. 2014. “How Population Structure Shapes Neighborhood Segregation.” American Journal of Sociology 119:1221-1278. pdf