Courses and Curriculum

At Michigan, I regularly teach an undergraduate course on Social Dynamics aimed at freshman and sophomores. I have also taught various flavors of Research Methods at the undergraduate and PhD levels, as well as a PhD-level course on Statistical Modeling.

With co-conspirators Daniel Romero, Jeff Lockhart, and Ed Platt, I am developing a hands-on Computational Social Science course aimed at freshman and sophomores. We have developed a set of Jupyter notebooks that allow students to execute pieces of Python code that gather/scrape, visualize, and analyze web data. More information is available on our website. The course is slated to be taught in 2020/21.

Other Training

In addition to my classroom activities, I have taught a number of methodological workshops on formal modeling in population research. I am the Principal Investigator on an R25 NIH grant to develop new curriculum in this area. As part of this effort, my team developed an online community for health researchers.

I lead the CSS Initiative at Michigan, which (among other things) supports University of Michigan’s Big Data Camp.